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Organizing & De-cluttering


Make sense of your space

Your home is the backdrop to your life. If you are overwhelmed by too much ‘stuff’, our organizational wizards can help restore order to the chaos in three simple steps.


The first step is a free evaluation of your home and your organizational needs. Simply Home will help you prioritize and consolidate your possessions, making optimal use of your existing storage and living space.


De-cluttering is an essential component of any organizational plan. It may be difficult to part with personal belongings; our team can help by finding loving homes for your unwanted items. De-cluttering reduces your stress and housework, and frees up precious physical (and mental) space.


Some find it daunting to stay organized because they lack clear systems for keeping track of the flotsam and jetsam of daily life. Whether it’s finding a storage solution for your collections, or a workable method for sorting your reading material, Simply Home will help you establish simple systems that you can confidently maintain going forward.

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